Friday,  08/14/2020

Film screening programme to mark major events in Lang Son

(LSO) – On October 16, the Lang Son Centre for Film Distribution and Cinema launched a film screening programme to celebrate the 69th anniversary of Lang Son’s Liberation Day (October 17, 1950 – 2019); the 118th founding anniversary of the province (November 4, 1831 – 2019); and the 110th birth anniversary of Hoang Van Thu (November 4, 1909 – 2019).

The programme, lasting from October 6 to November 5, is taking place at the Dong Kinh cinema and mobile screening stations in 10 districts across the province.

Films and documentaries include those titled Tuoi Tre Hoang Van Thu (Hoang Van Thu’s youth); Hoa trong bao (Flower in storm); Khi phach anh hung (Heroic mettle); Lang Son – mien bien ai (Lang Son – the border area); and Nha tien tri (The prophet); among others.

A large number of residents flock to the opening ceremony of the film screening programme.

The documentary “Danh nhan Xu Lang” (Notable men of Lang Son) had been selected for screening on the opening night of the event. The film summarizes the background and revolutionary career of Hoang Van Thu as well as his significant contributions to the Party and State’s revolutionary cause.

This is a practical activity to mark major events of the province and reflects Lang Son people’s deep gratitude to previous generations’ sacrifices for national independence and reunification. It also contributes to the education of patriotism and national pride, while encouraging locals to work toward meeting socio-economic goals set for 2019./.