Monday,  10/19/2020

Lang Son city ready to host third peach blossom festival

(LSO) – The third Lang Son peach blossom festival will take place at Chi Lang Park in Lang Son city from Januar 19 to Febuary 1, 2020. The city has been making every effort to prepare for the festival in order to earn the title “the city of peach blossom”.

The festival, the third of its kind, aims to provide a space for sightseeing as well cultural and entertainment activities for local residents and visitors during the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday. It will also be a place for flower artisans, gardeners and researchers to meet and exchange experience in peach blossom farming.

According to head of the city’s cultural and information division Hoang Minh Thao, the city will organise a flower street, a peach blossom trade fair, an exhibition of peach blossom photos and a competition among local peach blossom gardens.

A horticulturist in Quang Hong 1 village, Quang Lac commune of Lang Son city takes care of peach blossom trees.

It is the first time the city will decorate a colourful spring flower street at Chi Lang Park that features not only peach blossom but also other types of flowers such as daisy and poinsettia. Some 15 most beautiful peach blossom trees from gardens across the city will also be on display.

The peach blossom trade fair will be held in Quang Lac commune. Pham Dinh Duy, Secretary of the commune’s Party Committee, said Quang Lac has the largest area of peach blossom in the city, at about 40 hectares. The trade fair will take place from January 10 – 24 this year, displaying about 100 best peach blossom trees to promote the farming of the tree and offer a market for trade and sightseeing.

In addition, to turn tours to peach blossom gardens into a centrepiece of the festival, the city chooses Na Sen area (Hoang Dong commune), Phai Luong (Chi Lang district) and Ban Cao peach blossom cooperative in Quang Lac commune as tourist destinations.

Authorities also call on peach blossom horticulturists in Ban Cao hamlet in Quang Hong village of Quang Lac commune to open their gardens to the public so that tourists can enjoy, take photos and videos, as well as understand the cultivation of the tree.

Workers of Lang Son Drainage Company make ornamental flower pots for the third peach blossom festival.

Director of Ban Cao Peach Blossom Cooperative Hoang Van Hung said to celebrate the province’s festival and the commune’s peach blossom fair, the cooperative have made thorough preparations by taking good care of the trees in a bid to have flowers to bloom on the right occasion. At the moment, 8 ha of peach blossom trees are set to welcome visitors, he added.

Additionally, the city has paid due attention to communications campaigns on peach blossom in Lang Son and the festival. Since late 2019, images of peach blossom and the festival have appeared on large LED screens at the October 17 park, the youth and children’s palace and Hung Vuong street, among others.

Announcement on the event was made 60 times via loudspeakers in wards, communes and villages, with dozens of thousands audiences. The festival is also featured on the city’s social network platforms.

Besides, local authorities have paid heed to ensuring security-order and food safety during the festival.

All-out efforts of the city is hoped contribute to the success of the Lang Son peach blossom festival and turn it into a highlight among those marking the start of the new year and the province’s culture-tourism festivals this year.