Monday,  07/13/2020

Lang Son leader examines new-style rural area building in Trang Dinh district

(LSO) – A delegation led by Deputy Secretary of the Lang Son provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Pham Ngoc Thuong examined the building of new-style rural areas in Hung Son and Cao Minh communes of Trang Dinh district on August 28.

So far, each commune in Trang Dinh district has met an average of 9.77 criteria set in the national target programme on new-style rural area building. Four communes have met all the 19 criteria, two communes 10 – 14, 16 communes 5 – 9, and no communes less than five.

Hung Son commune is set to complete new-style rural area building in 2019. It has satisfied 10 criteria, and the remainder consists of transport, electricity, school, cultural infrastructure, information and communications, household poverty, health care, environment and food safety, and political system and access to law.

Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Pham Ngoc Thuong addresses the working session.

Meanwhile, the disadvantaged commune of Cao Minh has met 11 criteria.

At the working session, communal officials and representatives of local villages reported on the new-style countryside building in their localities. They pointed out problems relevant to the criteria they haven’t satisfied, including transport, environment, electricity, and production development. In response, representatives of provincial departments and sectors propose solutions to each issue within their remit.

Addressing the event, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Pham Ngoc Thuong highly valued new-style rural area building efforts in Trang Dinh. He noted the district has built plans for realising the three pillar criteria of production model, environment and culture while effectively carrying out communications to encourage local residents to join hands in the work.

However, the official said, the district still needs to speed up infrastructure construction projects, direct its communes to take more drastic actions to build new-style rural areas, launch an emulation movement among hamlets and villages, and develop role models in this regard for other localities to follow.

The working delegation examines the building of the secondary school of Hung Son commune.

Additionally, departments and sectors have to keep a close watch on the realisation of the criteria within their remit so as to assist Trang Dinh to achieve its new-style rural area building targets.

As part of their fact-finding tour, provincial officials examined the construction of infrastructure facilities in the new-style countryside building programme.

They also visited a green-skin grapefruit farming model applying automated watering system in Hung Son commune. The model of the Nguyen Gia Cooperative, planting 3,200 trees on 8ha of hill land, has its investment capital approximating 2 billion VND (86,000 USD). There, the provincial administration’s chairman asked the People’s Committee of Trang Dinh district to assist the cooperative to develop this farming model./.