Monday,  09/21/2020

Get ready for the Red Journey

(LSO) – This year the Red Journey Program in Lang Son is scheduled to take place in two days, from July 17 th to July 18th , 2002. On July 17th the program will be held in Cao Loc district, and on July 18 the blood donation will be at the City Hall of Lang Son City Council. Up to now the preparation for the program has been completed to start the Red Journey in 2020 in the exciting and brilliant atmosphere of the blood donation journey nationwide.

These days all streets and alleys of Lang Son city are coloured  with the red color of banners, posters, slogans towards the Red Journey in 2020. The Organizing Committee of the Red Journey in Lang Son is rushing to complete the final preparation with strong determination to fulfill the set-up targets which is to encourage at least 2,500 people to register for blood donation, and hopefully to collect 1,800 blood units.

Volunteers  of the Red Journey in parade in roads of Lang Son city to propaganda and encourage people to participate in voluntary blood donation

On July 15, more than 70 volunteers of the Red Journey Organizing committee marched, propagated and distributed over 2,000 leaflets in order to encourage more people to participate in the voluntary blood donation.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Nam, Hoang Van Thu Ward, Lang Son City, a volunteer of the Red Cross Association (Red Cross) of the province joined the Red Journey from the first years said that each red journey season passed, it always left a lot of good impression and meaning on the community. Apart from participating in propaganda activities, encouraging people to participate in blood donation program, caring for blood donors, I myself have always participated in blood donation program. And this year I also registered to donate blood at the Red Journey 2020.

In more than half of this month, in addition to directing and mobilizing people to participate in blood donation in residential areas, volunteers also propagate on social networks such as Zalo and Facebook. Particularly, on the Facebook page of the Provincial Red Cross, a registration link has been opened for online blood donation registration. Up to now, it is estimated that more than 300 people have been registered online to donate their blood in the upcoming Red Journey 2020.

Ms. Nong Bich Thuan, Chairman of the Provincial Red Cross, Deputy Head of the Provincial Steering Committee for Voluntary Blood Donation told that after receiving the information of the Central Committee of the Red Cross’s operation about the Red Journey campaign, the provincial Red Cross Association had consulted the Steering Committee with the aim to outline the plan and working program. The Association proactively developed a detailed plan, set up and distributed blood donation targets to each local unit, agency department and branch in the province. In particular, the propaganda activities are closely  cooperated with local press and media agencies to carry out propaganda campaign on the mass media. Additionally, information of the Red Journey 2020 is shared by members, volunteers of the Provincial Red Cross Association. At this time Lang Son is ready to welcome the biggest blood donation festival of the year.

In order to avoid the unexpected situation of participants waiting too long or congestion at the stage before donating blood, the program organizers have developed a detailed plan which was already sent to each agency and unit in order to inform about the timing schedules of blood donation. At the same time the organizers also increase the number of medical workers and doctors to support preliminary physical check-ups, blood testing and screening as well as blood transferring and receiving with the aim to reduce waiting time for people registered to donate blood at the festival.

With the efforts the volunteers, the organizers put into the preparation for The Red Journey in 2020, it is believed that the festival will be successful, achieving the set-up targets of receiving blood units and spreading the meaning of voluntary blood donation movement in the community.