Wednesday,  05/18/2022

Hanging Uncle Ho’s portrait in the house: A cultural beauty in Dao Vien

– The Party Committee of Dao Vien commune, Trang Dinh district has launched a movement to hang Uncle Ho’s portraits at home since 2015 in order to pay respect to Uncle Ho and making contribution to spreading the movement of learning and following the bright example of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style in the area.

In March 2021, we paid a visit to Ms. Vy Thuy Ha’s family in Pac Lan village, Dao Vien commune. In her small but cozy house, Ms. Ha chose the most formal corner inside the house to place Uncle Ho’s photo. Ms. Ha told that she was told many stories about Uncle Ho, especially his determination to overcome difficulties. Every day, looking at Uncle Ho’s photo, she reflected on what I was doing and tried to do better. At the same time, she often told her children about Uncle Ho  through short stories to give them life lessons. She found out that after hanging Uncle Ho’s photo on the wall, there was a change inher family members’ behaviours. People tent to behave more carefully and kindly.

Over the years hanging portraits of Uncle Ho has become a cultural behaviour which has been stored and promoted in the commune. There should be mentioned that the tradition of hanging Uncle Ho’s photos was originated from movement of studying and following Ho Chi Minh’s and styles recommended by the communal Party Committee.  Specifically, to implement the instructions of the superiors, the Party Committee of Dao Vien commune has launched a movement to hang pictures of Uncle Ho in each household since 2015. Immediately after launching, the branches under the Party Committee, the Fatherland Front and other organizations in the commune actively organized the implementation of hanging Uncle Ho’s photos. At the same time, propagating and showcasing bright examples from army officers, party members, union members and local people.

Vy Thuy Ha, a local resident in Pac Lan Village, Dao Vien commune hung the portrait of Uncle Ho in the most solemn place in her house

Mr. Duong Van Duc, Secretary of Party Committee of Dao Vien commune said that Dao Vien commune had 532 households, most of which were farmers. As soon as the movement was launched, it received enthusiastic and exemplary support from the Party’s members. Initially, 100% of the families of Party members and officials in the commune carried out the implementation. After that, realizing the effectiveness from this model, the Party Committee of the commune replicated this model to each household in the commune. Currently, 100% of households hang Uncle Ho’s photo, reaching the highest rate of households hanging Uncle Ho’s photo in the whole of Trang Dinh district. This is not only a good behaviour but also a spiritual beauty helping each person in each family to live in harmony and in accordance  with the Party’s undertakings and policies as well as the State laws.

Along with hanging Uncle Ho’s photos, the integration of propaganda about learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and style was also actively implemented by the communal authorities. As a result, the commune has propagated more than 20 events with the attendance of 10,000 turns of people in the commune contributing to raising awareness of all classes of people, cadres and party members about learning and following Uncle Ho’s ideology, morality and styles. Thanks to the propaganda, local people understood the meaning of the movement and knew how to apply Uncle Ho’s ideology and style into their daily practices such as helping each other to redece poverty or raise their living standards, etc.

As a result, over the past years, the political, economic, cultural and social situation in the commune has been maintained and developed. The people’s spiritual and material life is increasingly improved, the poverty reduction has achieved many important results (in 2015, the whole commune had 160 poor households, by 2020 it  had decreased to 86 households, creating a positive contribution to the commune’s  socio-economic development, ensuring national defense and security in the locality.

It can be seen that the movement of hanging portraits of Uncle Ho in every household in Dao Vien commune has shown the initiative and creativity of the communal Party Committee in planning, leading and directing the process of implementing movements and activities to studying and follow Uncle Ho’s example.