Thursday,  01/20/2022

Actively promote the value of Thuy Mon Dinh relic site

– Thuy Mon Dinh relic (Dong Dang town, Cao Loc district) is famous as an ancient and sacred communal house in the frontland of the country. Located in this relic, there is Thuy Mon Dinh stele, which is a valuable historical evidence, affirming the country’s sovereignty. The stele is one of 215 national treasures, this is the honor and pride of the people of Xu Lang. Over the past time, the relic has been taken care by functional departments and authorities of Cao Loc district, implementing many measures to preserve and promote its values.

Thuy Mon Dinh relic site is located on the slopes of Phia Mat mountain, close to National Highway 1A in Vuon Sai area, Dong Dang town, Cao Loc district, about 15 km from Lang Son city center and 2 km from Huu Nghi international border gate, leaning against the mountain and facing the southwest.

The relic includes the stele and stele house, built on an area of about 60 m2, Thuy Mon Dinh stele house has Phuong Dinh architecture style, leaving four sides open. Supporting the entire roof architecture are wooden items belonging to the group of quartet wood (lime, gnashing), including 4 small pillars and 4 big pillars designed to rest on stone plinth, truss structure in the style of gia chieng – chong ruong , compound base; The upper beams and seven porches are carved with images (dragon, lion, turtle, phoenix).

Tourists visited Thuy Mon Dinh relic

Thuy Mon Dinh stele, built in the stele house, 130 cm high, 84 cm wide, 25 cm thick; The forehead is semicircular, 20 cm high. The stele is made of monolithic mountain stone, blue-gray color. 2 sides of the stele are created very standard, balanced; sharp letters, beautiful and elaborate carvings. The stele was created by Mr. Nguyen Dinh Loc – an official of the Le Trung Hung dynasty with merits in the Thuy Mon communal house (Dong Dang, Van Uyen province) in the 8th year of Canh Tri (1670). The content of Thuy Mon Dinh stele has highlighted particularly important historical values ​​by the phrase “Vietnam hau thiet, Tran Bac ai quan” (translation: Is the gate and the throat of Vietnam, is the border guarding the North). The use of “Vietnam”  on the stele has very important administrative significance, confirming that the national name of Vietnam was used before the 1670s.

Thuy Mon Dinh stele house was recognized as a provincial historical and cultural relic in 2002 according to Decision No. 41/2002/QD-UB of the Provincial People’s Committee. By 2015, Thuy Mon Dinh stele in the relic has been recognized as a national treasure by the Prime Minister; On June 29, 2021, the historical site of Thuy Mon Dinh continued to be recognized as a national relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Mr. Luu Quang Cong, Vice Chairman of Dong Dang Town People’s Committee, Deputy Head of the Management Board of Thuy Mon Dinh site said:”Over the past time, on average each year, Thuy Mon Dinh relic has attracted more than 1,000 researchers, domestic and foreign tourists visit. Every year, the town’s People’s Committee has assigned the town’s Youth Union and the Youth Union of Dong Dang Secondary School to regularly clean the Thuy Mon Dinh stele house and offer incense on Mondays. The activity was actively participated by students and youth union members”.

In order to restore, preserve and promote the value of the relic, in 2020, Cao Loc District People’s Committee has surveyed and assessed the status of the relic, collected people’s opinions, made a dossier to complete the economic – technique report to restore Thuy Mon Dinh relic and submit it to the Provincial People’s Committee for consideration and approval. On May 12, 2021, the Provincial People’s Committee issued Decision 962/QD-UBND approving the economic – technical report on renovating the monument of Thuy Mon Dinh Stele House. Accordingly, at the end of June, the relic was started to be restored and rebuilt with the following items: stele house, parking lot, supplementing the handrail system along the entrance to the relic, rebuilding the signboard. … with a budget of over 2 billion dong.

Ms. Hoang Thi Phuong Hue, Head of Culture and Information Department of Cao Loc district said “In the coming time, we will continue to pay attention to propaganda and raise people’s awareness in conservating and promoting the value of National relic site Thuy Mon Dinh. At the same time, building the relic to become an attractive tourist destination of the district, connecting this relic site with other famous relic sites in the district and province to form a series of rich and attractive tourism products for people, tourists to visit”.