Thursday,  12/09/2021

The 2021″Reading Culture Ambassador” contest: Spread the reading movement to the community

– The 2021 “Reading Culture Ambassador” contest for students from elementary to high school in the province was organized to look for “reading culture ambassadors”, young people who have a passion for books and reading inspiration, spreading the reading movement in the community.

The 2021″Reading Culture Ambassador” contest was first held on a provincial scale by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training. After more than 3 months of launching (from April 2021 to July 2021), at the district level preliminary round, there were 6,178 entries from students from 373 schools (in which, primary level had 1,280 entries; secondary level had 1,826 entries and 3,062 entries at the high school level). Through the district-level preliminary round, 123 entries entered the final round of the provincial competition (including 114 articles and 9 clips). Although there have been certain effects due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic in recent months, thanks to the close coordination between the units, the contest has received a wide response and participation from a large number of students.

Students of Tran Ninh Commune Primary and Secondary School , Van Quan District learn about books at the school library

Ms. Pham Minh Hanh, Deputy Director of the Provincial Library – the focal point to advise and organize provincial competitions; The “Reading Culture Ambassador” contest is a contest for high school students, in order to arouse the passion for reading among students of all ages, thereby encouraging , promoting the reading movement among the young generation, forming reading habits and skills in students, which is an important factor contributing to the development of reading culture in schools and communities. Although it is the first time to participate, the quality of this year’s entries are relatively even and has shown the investment, meticulous preparation and enthusiasm of the students. Many articles have generalized the current situation and development trend of reading culture in local and schools. At the same time, being aware of the dark side of the internet, social networks…

Through research, we understand that this year’s entries all want to convey their thoughts and aspirations to parents, they want parents to arrange their work so they can have time to read books with their children and grandchildren ; they hope the school organizes many activities to learn, share about books, encourage students to go to the library and find joy in reading; they also hope that in the near future, the province will have community libraries, “super cheap” bookcases so that many students and people have the opportunity to access and participate in reading, gradually build reading habits, help them get closer to reading culture.

Previously, in order to encourage students to read, build and develop a reading culture as the foundation for students to participate in the competition, most schools in the province had many creative ways such as renovating the library; adding books and stories; getting investment from the State  or socialization budget to build and design an outdoor library, reading corner… Ms. Tran Thi Thu Huyen, Vice Principal of Viet Bac High School, Lang Son city said: From the school side, The school currently has an outdoor library and a traditional library with more than 1,000 books, enabling students to get closer to the reading culture. For the contest, after launching, the school received many high-quality works and attracted a large number of students to participate. Our school has 2 entries participating in the provincial level contest, in which 1 clip won an excellent prize.

Students learn about books and read books at the Provincial Library

With the encouragement of students to read books and the organization of the contest with a rich and attractive form and content such as writing articles or making introductory video clips, telling about a book that students love, this year   “Reading Culture Ambassador” contest attracted a large number of students.  Huyen Trang, class 8A2 (school year 2020 – 2021), Tan My Commune Secondary School, Van Lang district who won the first prize in the provincial competition, said: “My entry is about a comic book about Mr. Hoang Van Thu. Through my entry, I want to spread reading culture, love for the homeland and gratitude for the previous generation. In addition, through the contest, I want to interact with many friends who share the same hobby of reading…

It is known that the entries that won high prizes at this year’s provincial “Reading Culture Ambassador” contest will be selected by the contest organizers to participate in the national competition in the near future. In order to promote the achieved results , relevant agencies continue to have solutions to spread the love of books, reading culture and encourage students to actively participate in competitions about reading books.