Sunday,  11/28/2021

Following Hoang Van Thu’s example of revolutionary ethics

(LSO) – In 2019, the Party organization, administration and people of Lang Son have organized many activities to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birthday of Hoang Van Thu (Nov. 4, 1909-2019), who was a firm and loyal communist and an outstanding leader of the Vietnamese Party and revolution, as well as an eminent son of people of all ethnic groups in Lang Son.

 The celebrations also provide chances for all generations to look back at the nation’s glorious traditions and recall the life and revolutionary career of Hoang Van Thu as well as his great contribution and morality, thus helping officials, Party members and people in Lang Son, particularly young generations, gain deeper understanding about the revolutionary fruits earned by the Vietnamese Party and people, and take pride in and treasure those achievements. As a result, strong driving forces will be created for the successful implementation of targets and tasks set by the 12th National Party Congress and the 16th provincial Party Congress (2015-2020 tenure).

A staff member of the provincial museum introduces the meaning of documents, objects related to Hoang Van Thu to students from Hoang Van Thu primary school in Lang Son city.

Hoang Van Thu is a Tay ethnic. He was born on November 4, 1909 into a patriotic and hard-working family in Phac Lan hamlet, Nhan Ly canton, Van Uyen district (now Nhan Hoa village, Hoang Van Thu commune, Van Lang district). In 1923, he was sent to Lang Son town to study at the French-Vietnam primary school. While at school, he witnessed new developments of the patriotic movement across the country. Those developments strong impacted the thinking of the young Hoang Van Thu. Aware of the hardship of the working class and people, he was awakened to the communist ideal and admitted to the communist party. After engaging in various revolutionary activities both in and outside the country, he became a key official in the Party. Throughout his 15-year revolutionary career, Thu left many precious lessons, and made decisive contributions to the direction of the Party’s leadership of the revolution.

In the article entitled ”Revolutionary ethics“ published on the Communist Review in December 1958, President Ho Chi Minh wrote: ”In our Party, comrades Tran Phu, Ngo Gia Tu, Le Hong Phong, Nguyen Van Cu, Hoang Van Thu, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and many others have died in a glorious way for the people and the Party, setting bright examples of revolutionary ethics, public-spiritedness and selflessness for all of us to follow.“ Hoang Van Thu’s life and career will forever be the pride of the Vietnamese Party and nation in general and people of Lang Son in particular.

Youth union members at the Lang Son Medical College study documents, objects at the exhibition ”Hoang Van Thu – shining name forever”

Through the process of formation and development, with its time-honoured historic and cultural traditions, Lang Son has always been given an important strategic position in economic, cultural, social development and national defence and security. Upholding its revolutionary tradition, the Party organization, administration and people of Lang Son have overcome numerous difficulties and worked in a proactive and creative way to turn Lang Son from a mountainous province with under-developed economy and low living standards into a locality with good development across all fields.

Nearly four years into the implementation of the resolution of the 16th provincial Party Congress, 17 of the total 20 key targets are now likely to be fulfilled or overfulfilled. At present, the province’s Party organization has 771 chapters at grassroots level with more than 63,000 Party members, accounting for over 8 percent of the province’s population. The Party members are really a strong key force in leading, guiding and implementing the Party’s directions and policies, and the State’s policies and laws in their localities.

Proud of the homeland – home to the Party’s eminent son Hoang Van Thu -, and with the revolutionary tradition and spirit of reform, proactivity and creativity, the Party organization, administration and people of Lang Son has been determined to join the entire country in the emulation campaign to implement targets and tasks set by the 12th National Party Congress and the 16th provincial Party Congress (2015-2020 tenure), thus building an increasing rich and civilized Lang Son province.

An excerpt of the provincial Party Committee’s paper at the scientific workshop on Hoang Van Thu