Friday,  10/15/2021

The education sector takes advantage of the “golden” time to teach

– In the context of the complicated and prolonged COVID-19 epidemic, the province’s education and training sector has developed many teaching plans, which requires schools to take advantage of the “golden” time (no COVID-19 epidemic in the area) for teaching to ensure the progress of the 2021-2022 school year plan.

Mr. Hoang Quoc Tuan, Director of Department of Education and Training, said that immediately after the opening ceremony, the Department directed schools to take advantage of the “golden” time when there is no epidemic to deploy teaching, flexibly organize teaching plans in all situations “leaving schools due to the epidemic but teaching is ongoing”, ready to teach in the new normal state. At the same time, the Department requested schools to develop school education plans, subject education plans in the direction of being proactive, flexible and streamlined; teaching core content, suitable to the conditions of each locality in the face of complicated developments of the COVID-19 epidemic.

In the school year 2021-2022, the province has 675 schools with a total of more than 200,000 students and more than 20,000 school administrators, teachers and staff. In which, preschooling level has 231 schools, primary schooling level has 182 schools, junior high schooling level has 146 schools, primary and junior high schooling level has 71 schools, junior high schooling and high schooling level has seven schools, high schooling level has 26 schools; along with nine vocational education – continuing education centers and two continuing education centers.

Students of Le Quy Don Primary and Secondary School, Lang Son city strictly obeyed the wearing of facial masks when going to school

Following the direction of authorities at all levels and Department of Education and Training, right after the opening ceremony, all schools in the province organized direct teaching (except for Van Lang district where the COVID-19 epidemic situation is still developing complicatedly) and teaching in the new normal state. Schools have developed detailed school year plans and subjects suitable to epidemic conditions such as focusing on teaching core subjects; linking theory teaching with review, especially for seniors. At the same time, they suspend extracurricular activities to both take advantage of a safe time to teach core knowledge directly and urgently prepare conditions for online teaching at junior high and high schooling levels if the COVID-19 epidemic is complicated and  prolonged.

Specifically, at the primary schooling level, grades 1 and 2 give priority to teaching Vietnamese and Maths so that students can develop listening, reading, speaking, writing, calculation and basic skills needed initially according to regulations. For students in grades 3, 4 and 5, along with teaching according to the school year program prescribed by Ministry of Education and Training, schools build a repository of subject materials and arrange subjects into learning topics to directly teach the core contents of the program and to identify the contents that can be organized for online teaching and guide students for self-study.

Mrs. Nong Minh Thu, Principal of To Hieu Primary School, Binh Gia township, Binh Gia district said that this school year, the school has 19 classes with 537 students. If in the past, students studied four main lessons in the morning and three intensive and reviewing lessons in the afternoon, now, following the direction of the sector and taking advantage of the “golden” time, the school has rebuilt the schedule, spending all the lessons of the day focusing on learning the main content. For the advanced content, teachers will guide students to self-study and learn more in the textbook.

At the secondary and high schooling levels, while students can go to school to study, schools are implementing the request of Department of Education and Training to organize online teaching to support face-to-face teaching (about 10% of the content); prioritizing online teaching for theoretical content, guiding students to effectively use textbooks for learning. For secondary schools that have sufficient conditions in terms of teachers and facilities, ethnic boarding, ethic semi-boarding schools will teach two sessions per day.

Mrs. Vuong Xuan Thuan, Principal of the Provincial Ethnic Boarding High School said that in the new school year, the school has 20 classes with 604 students. During the concentrated study period, the school requires teachers to organize parallel review and consolidation of knowledge so that students can firmly grasp the core content of the lesson. Along with that, the organization of online teaching for optional subjects will be implemented by the school so that if there is an outbreak of the epidemic, teaching and learning in the school will not be interrupted.

It is known that currently, localities in the province’s safe areas have arranged for students to go to school right after the opening ceremony to take advantage of the “golden time”. With the initiative and flexibility in implementing plans and teaching programs, it is believed that this school year, the provincial education sector will continue to overcome difficulties successfully, ensuring the progress and completion time of the school year according to the regulations of Ministry of Education and Training.