Saturday,  05/08/2021

Ensuring safety in public quarantine areas

(LSO) – When the Lunar New Year 2021 is coming, the number of abroad Vietnamese citizens entering through Lang Son province increases dramatically because of people’s demand for returning to their hometown for Tet. Accordingly, the number participants at the public quarantine locations also increases. Therefore, the work of ensuring security and safety against epidemic in quarantine areas has been promoted.

Lang Son has 3 public quarantine areas, including area 1 (Hoang Van Thu ward, Lang Son city), area 2 (Chi Lang town, Chi Lang district), area 3 (Chien Thang commune, Chi Lang district). All of them are belonged to Regiment 123, the Provincial Military Command. During these days, the 3 areas had a total of over 900 quarantine people, 200 to 300 people higher than the time from December 2020 and earlier. It is known that in order to ensure safety, each public quarantine area has informed the regulations, guidance on prevention and control of epidemic and the rules and regulations in the quarantine area to all citizens present. Major Le Hoang Anh, Battalion Commander of Battalion 1, Regiment 123, in charge of quarantine area 3 said: “Every day, the unit uses the loudspeaker system to introduce 3 times per day about anti-epidemic measures of Covid-19. In addition, the unit hangs 30 panels, 6 banners at each quarantine building. At each floor, each quarantine room has a board of rules and regulations on epidemic prevention and control. Consequently, citizenship awareness is enhanced.”

Medical staff checked the health condition of quarantined citizens in Quarantine Area 1, Regiment 123

Presenting at the quarantine area 3, Regiment 123 in the area of ​​Chien Thang commune, Chi Lang district in the last days of January 2021, we recognized the sense of responsibility of each citizen in complying with the regulations. Everyone wore masks, keeping the allowable distance. Ms. Thach Thi Kieu, Tieu Can district, Tra Vinh province, said: “I stay quarantined here from January 17, 2021. All living and eating conditions here are very good. Having been informed about safety in epidemic prevention by functional forces, we have followed it seriously. I feel reassured at my quarantine time here.”

At the same time, so as to ensure the security and safety of the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic, each officer and soldier on duty is seriously aware of their responsibility. Lieutenant Colonel Cao Xuan Doan, Regiment Commander of the Regiment 123, said: “In 3 quarantine areas of the province, there are over 60 cadres and soldiers (army, police, medical) to perform their duties in each area. Each area is provided with from 12 to 15 guard stations and 1 mobile patrol team during 24/24 hours to promptly detect and handle cases causing insecurity and order or escaping from quarantine.

Officer of the Health Center of Chi Lang District measured the body temperature for citizens in the Quarantine Area No. 2, Regiment 123, Provincial Military Command

Medical work in quarantine areas has also been adequately covered by the health sector. Up to now, the health sector has mobilized more than 100 staffs to serve in quarantine areas. Mr. Ly Kim Soi, Deputy Director of the Department of Health, said: “Every medical staff has been clearly assigned the responsibilities in each stage of task. Accordingly, the medical staff would take samples for testing 2 times/person/14 days quarantine; spray the entire environment and the quarantine room at least 2 times/week; measure body temperature 2 times/person/day. Medical staffs also monitor the health of quarantined people every day, promptly take emergency care, treat patients with underlying medical conditions … We all know, the failure to comply with regulations in quarantine or cursory public quarantine management and supervision lead to unpredictable consequences, the epidemic threatens to break out and spread, causing serious harm to life and property. Therefore, the strict management and implementation of regulations to ensure security and safety for epidemic prevention and control in quarantine areas is of utmost importance. Lang Son has been done a good job of it. However, in addition to serious implementation from authorities, each quarantined person needs to raise their awareness and responsibility at quarantine time and after quarantine time to ensure the health of themselves and the community.

According to the Provincial Steering Committee for Disease Control and Prevention, from the beginning of 2020 to January 24, 2021, three quarantine areas of the province managed by the military have provided quarantine to ensure security and safety for 13,500 cases (12,541 cases under completed quarantine for 14 days and returned to their localities), about 900 people are being quarantined.