Thursday,  12/09/2021

Workshop on tourism development in Lang Son city

(LSO) – On November 7, the Provincial Cultural Heritage Association held a scientific workshop of “Promoting the value of the relics and the festivals of national relics including Cua Dong, Tay Tay, Cua Nam, Cua Bac and Lang Son Four Gates, Lang Son city, Lang Son province”.

Attending the workshop were central and local experts, scientists, managers in the field of culture, heritage; the representatives of departments, commissions, sectors of the province; the representatives of Lang Son City People’s Committee, representatives of culture and information divisions in 11 districts and city; relic management board of wards and communes in Lang Son city.

Doan Thanh relic (Lang Son ancient citadel) and the relic group of Lang Son Four Gates (4 sacred temples at four directions which protect Lang Son ancient citadel) are typical relics in Lang Son city .

Overview of the workshop

According to historical documents, ancient Doan Thanh had four main gates in four directions of East – West – South – North, corresponding to these four gates, there were four sacred temples including Cua Dong Temple; Cua Tay Temple; Cua Nam Temple and Cua Bac Temple were built from the late 18th century and early 19th century (all of these temples were recognized as National Relics in 2013). The present relics are located in Chi Lang ward, Lang Son city.

At the seminar, the reports affirmed the existing historical, cultural, military and art value of Doan Thanh relic and the relic group of Lang Son Four Gates, especially the restoration of the festivals of Cua Dong, Cua Tay, Cua Nam, Cua Bac (Lang Son Four Gates festival) to promote and develop tourism and services, to meet people’s aspirations.

At the same time, delegates focused on discussing and clarifying three main topics: Lang Son land in history and national-leveled festivals of Cua Dong Temple, Cua Tay, Cua Nam, Cua Bac and Lang Son Four Gates, Lang Son city; the current situation, the conservation and embellishment of relics; promoting the value of relics and suggesting proposals and solutions for socio-economic development of Lang Son province to promote and develop tourism, contributing to promoting the province’s economy, culture and society in the current period  etc.

The results of the workshop are the scientific basis for the Provincial Cultural Heritage Association to submit to the authorities for the restoration of Lang Son Four Gates Festival. At the same time, it contributes to propagating and educating patriotism and the tradition of solidarity for the people from all walks of life in the cause of renovation in their homeland building and development.