Sunday,  10/24/2021

Awakening the “Fairy” in the midst of the mountain range

– Possessing a magnificent beauty like a “Fairy” in the midst of the mountain range, the Fairy mountain tourist destination, Lan Luong village, Thien Hoa commune, Binh Gia district has many favorable conditions for tourism development. However, these favorable conditions are in potential form, still waiting for the day to be “awakened” and so on.

Nature is charming

Fairy Mountain is more than 50 km northwest of Binh Gia township. The mountain possesses an area of ​​more than 25 hectares with an altitude of over 800 meters above the sea level and a cool and pleasant climate all year round. Fairy Mountain also has a wild and majestic beauty of green grass hills mixed with palm trees and undulating limestone cliffs with many beautiful shapes.

It is known that the name of Fairy Mountain originates from the Dao people’s fairy tale about a boy who lost his parents and was brought up by a boss in the area. Every day, he often climbed up the hill in Lan Luong area to graze horses. Here, fate helped him meet three beautiful fairies. Feeling compassion for the boy’s situation, the three fairies often came and chatted with him. Over time, the boy and the third fairy fell in love. The love of the fairy and the boy was forbidden, so before going to heaven, the third fairy had to swear not to return and the hill was under a curse that only plants can grow forever. To commemorate his beautiful love, when getting old, the boy told that story to his children and grandchildren and the name of Fairy Mountain began from there.

Tourists visited and experienced at Fairy Mountain

Not only is there a unique story and beautiful scenery, the cultural life and customs here are also extremely unique. Currently, Lan Luong village has 100% of the population being Dao people. People still sing Pao Dung and keep the beauty of herbal bathing and so on.

Realizing the beauty of Fairy Mountain, at the end of 2020, there were many tourists coming here in the form of spontaneous tourism. Mr. Trieu Van Truong, Head of Lan Luong village said: “To exploit the tourism potential of Fairy Mountain, the village has propagated and mobilized people to actively exploit available potentials to serve tourists; encourage some rich families to provide tourism services for tourists and improve some sections of the road up the mountain ”.

Accordingly, since the end of 2020, the village has had 10 families opening food services and four families selling and having traditional costumes for rent, two families  meeting tourists’ needs of herbal bathing. It is known that from the beginning of 2021 up to now, Fairy Mountain tourist destination has welcomed more than 5,000 visitors.

Mr. Nguyen Van Cong, a tourist from Bac Kan, said: “Fairy Mountain is the ideal place to travel on the weekend, if I have the opportunity, I will invite my friends to come here again. But I just regret that the road to the mountain is still very difficult and the service is not diverse”.

It is necessary to awaken potentials

Although Fairy Mountain possesses many attractive ecotourism resources, the development of infrastructure and tourism services is inadequate, thus not meeting the needs of tourists. To arouse the potentials and strengths of this place, from the beginning of 2021, Binh Gia District People’s Committee cooperated with Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to survey the tourism potential of Fairy Mountain and put this content into the plan of implementing the project “Tourism development in Binh Gia district to 2025, with an orientation to 2030”. In which, some specific solutions are proposed such as piloting the community-based tourism model in four families, the model of experiencing the culture of weaving and herbal bathing in the Dao ethnic group and so on.

Mr. Hoang Van Dong, Head of District Culture and Information Division, said: “To exploit the tourism potential of Fairy Mountain, we have been calling for a number of investors to come here. Hopefully in the near future there will be great potential investors to invest in tourism development here, contributing to the  district’s constant tourism development”.

For local people, the investment in tourism development here opens a ray of hope for a more prosperous life. The head of Lan Luong village further shared that his village has 73 households, most of the families here have a difficult life. They hope that the province, the district and investors will soon exploit the tourism potential here to contribute to the stability and development of people’s lives.

The reality shows that to develop Fairy Mountain tourist spot, it needs more attention of all levels and sectors; especially the investment of businesses inside and outside the province.