Sunday,  10/24/2021

Xu Lang’s agricultural tourism: A potential development direction

– Agricultural tourism in Lang Son has just formed and developed in recent times, but it has been bringing interesting experiences, attracting tourists from different corners and becoming a potential development direction and so on.

In the early days of June 2021, the people of Mai Pha commune (Lang Son city) excitedly entered the grape harvest season and opened the vinyards to visitors. Mrs. Nguyen Thu Thao, Tam Thanh ward said that seeing people sharing on Facebook, she brought her whole family to the vineyards. Her two young children were very excited when having the opportunity to try to be “a farmer” and took many souvenir photos.

Talking about tourism associated with agricultural products, Mr. Hoang Van Nghiem, owner of a vineyard in Khon Pat village, Mai Pha commune said that since 2019, he has opened the vineyards (more than 1.5 hectares and 5,000 trees) to serve tourists. Up to this year, he has also planted sunflowers and collected an entrance fee of 20 thousand VND/person. In addition, he has also organized attached services such as rental of accessories, flower self-picking in the garden and so on. Thanks to that, his vineyard is known by many people and the consumption of grapes is also more convenient.

Tourists visited and took photos at the vineyard in Ro Phai village, Mai Pha commune, Lang Son city

Like Mr. Nghiem’s ​​family, Mrs. Hoang Thi Lung’s family, Huu Lien commune, Huu Lung district, has taken advantage of plum gardens to develop tourism. Mrs. Lung said that with the form of tourism to experience the plum garden, during the whole plum crop this year, her family has earned nearly 20 million VND, while if she had brought more than one ton of plums to the market to sell at an average price of 5,000 VND/kg, she would only have earned over five million VND.

Mr. Nghiem and Mrs. Lung’s families are just two of many active families in agricultural development associated with tourism in the province. In fact, Lang Son agricultural tourism has become more and more attractive to tourists over the past time, such as models of orange, plum, chestnut, strawberry orchards (Lang Son city), experiencing in harvesting rice, catching fish at Huu Lien community-based tourism village (Huu Lung), experiencing flower gardens, ripe golden rice fields (Bac Son), custard apple garden tourism (Chi Lang district)… have made a good impression in the hearts of tourists.

In addition to forms of garden experience, tourism models to experience agricultural production or craft villages are increasingly chosen by families and invested, socialized in many forms. It is known that Lang Son currently has many famous typical products that have been recognized as OCOP products such as black jelly (Trang Dinh), Cho Bai dried noodles (Van Quan), Van Linh dried noodles (Chi Lang), noodles (Loc Binh) and so on.

According to the Project “One Commune One Product in Lang Son province in the 2019 – 2020 period, with a vision to 2030”, the province has now standardized 30 products. From those advantages, localities have a basis to choose and find directions to develop OCOP products in the group of rural tourism services. Accordingly, some districts have been implementing the policy of developing agricultural products associated with tourism.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Thuan, Head of Loc Binh District Agriculture and Rural Development Division, said that since 2019, the district has successfully built OCOP products, which are sweet potatoes and Mau Son wild lemons, fresh and dried noodles. Currently, they have been coordinating with specialized divisions to promote these products in association with tourism development. At the same time, they advise the District People’s Committee to build a standard agricultural service model such as manual wine distillation with Mau Son Dao people’s fermented herbal leaves; visit, enjoy peach and plum gardens and so forth.

Tourists visited and took photos at the sunflower garden in Ro Phai village, Mai Pha commune, Lang Son city

Integrating the construction of standard agricultural products in association with tourism will make the most of investment resources in tourism development. Mrs. Tran Thi Bich Hanh, Director of the Provincial Tourism Promotion Center said that over the past time, they have built a number of tours and tourist routes associated with agriculture such as ecotourism routes at some citrus planting sites, experiencing flower valley (Bac Son); community-based tourism route in Huu Lien and Yen Thinh communes (Huu Lung). In addition, in all booths participating in domestic and international tourism cooperation, promotion and advertisement events, the center always spares seperate space to display Xu Lang’s agricultural products meeting OCOP standards.

Mr. Nguyen Phuc Ha, Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism said that the Department has directed units to focus on developing agricultural tourism tours at tourist destinations. In addition, the sector has put provincial-level OCOP products into experience tours to serve tourists. In the coming time, the provincial tourism sector will strengthen coordination with Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, prioritizing the development of agricultural products combined with tourism in a harmonious manner, suitable to the conditions of each locality; making efforts to exploit the outstanding and different values ​​of each place to create unique agricultural and rural tourism products, contributing to attracting tourists to Lang Son.

In the context that Lang Son tourism always needs new products to attract tourists, developing agricultural tourism based on available advantages is identified as a direction that opens up many expectations for the province’s smokeless industry.